Saturday, February 2, 2008

Vegan Diet and Weight Loss

It looks like after a little over two weeks I have actually gone down in weight, more or less about 4-5 pounds.

(Mon 179 lb)
(Tue 178 lb)
(Wed 179 lb)
(Thu 178 lb)
(Fri 178 lb)
(Sat 177 lb)

Yes, i suppose my wife may have a point about me being obsessive with my weight. On the other hand, i always have liked numbers.

I thought about this a little more today and here is why i think this may be:
- Vegan food is just not that good. Now of course there are LOTS of delicious vegan meals that will beat a carnivorous meal any day. But realistically, how often do you eat those meals (can i say Bacon anyone?). The snacking on nuts, vegetables and fruits just doesn't add up as much. And you don't have the kill instinct to go after your meal till there is nothing left like you may when you see a bloody steak on your plate.
- Vegan food is not as accessible: its not like you can pull into a McDonnalds and order a vegan burger. Most snack crap in the stores have animal products
- Vegan food fills you up with less calories. Ok, this is anecdotal, (someone must have done research on this) but it seems true first hand.

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