Sunday, January 27, 2008

The 247 lb Vegan - NFL Tony Gonzales story in Wall Street Journal is confusing and pointless

Not sure what this story by Reed Albergotti is mean to convey. Is it that Tony Gonzales tried to be vegan and failed because he wasn't getting what he needed in his diet? Or is it a half ass glorification of veganizm? The only virtue I can see coming out of this story is that it brings some awareness to the cult. I wonder if my colleagues will have something to say about that.

Here is an excerpt:

The 247 lb. Vegan
NFL star Tony Gonzalez is out to answer a question: Can a football player live entirely on plants?
January 25, 2008; Page W1

The protein-rich bounty of the football training table is supposed to grow the biggest and strongest athletes in professional sports. Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez was afraid it was going to kill him. "It's the Catch-22," says Mr. Gonzalez, 31. "Am I going to be unhealthy and play football? Or be healthy and get out of the league?"
[Tony Gonzalez]
Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez

So last year, on the eve of the biggest season of his career, Mr. Gonzalez embarked on a diet resolution that smacked head-on with gridiron gospel as old as the leather helmet. He decided to try going vegan.

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PapaLo said...

Well considering Veganism is becoming a “fad” now this article was most likely attempting to “fit in” to pop culture by including a story about anything that is considered trendy. Unfortunately the Wall Street journal fell short on this one. Tony Gonzales was never Vegan he never even attempted it, all he did was try to eat healthier which just so happens to include the cutting out meat and dairy products. Being Vegan now-a-days is about something so much deeper then being trendy, its roots lie in Animal rights, environmental rights, and even touch on human rights. It is both a personal and political decision to take on the oppressors harming civil society as well as the chemicals harming your body. It is about compassion, caring, and self awareness. Tony Gonzales cited none of theses reasons for why he went Vegan. Simply sipping a few smoothies instead of the half pound of lard filled bacon in the morning dose not make you a vegan, not even close. I also disagree with the types of food he ate while attempting to eat healthy. Three smoothies a day is #1 not what vegans eat at all, and #2 is just not healthy for anyone especially an athlete. He should have known better to begin with branched out and explored different types of food, maybe then he would have actually attempted veganism and enjoyed it!