Sunday, January 20, 2008

First three days of veganizm

I am precisely three days into being a Vegan. As far as I know I have so far not broken any vegan rules (actually, is there a vegan bylaw?).

I am lucky to have a very supportive crowd. My colleague Laura is the best vegan resource and seems to be a big fan so far. My wife is constantly pointing out things I cant eat - I will win that bed, regardless of how many meals she ruins for me.

So here is where we stand on meals so far:

Vegan funnel cake - Laura broght to office, great start - so far its EASY!

Falafel sandwich - I freaked out a bit because I thought tahini was sour cream but now I know better. EASY!

Hummus plate at a bar - this was a bit tough as I was meeting some friends for drinks and the only vegan option was this. All in all not a bad first day.

Almonds - not great

Bean Burger at News Cafe with fries - FRIES!!! What a savior!

Pizza - this was tough, we had to go through a while substitution routine. The waitress was great though and very supportive. Luckily this was a shi-shi pizza place - Crust.

Flex Bar at Starbucks (Mara is challanging this - Note to self, need to check the ingredients to make sure its vegan, at the time I assumed all bread is vegan).

Potato Chips - this kind of sucked

Home made tomato basil sauce with pasta and Swiss Curd - very good!


So far I dont think I have broken any laws. My allowance in the bet is that I have to knowingly stay vegan, accidents will not count against me - based on the honor system.

I have some surprises (more on that later) and I certainly have been reading the labels a lot more carefully.

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