Sunday, January 20, 2008

Going Vegan for a Month

I have been leading a perfectly happy meat loving life up to three days ago. There was nothing wrong with me, I finished a 50 mile run under 11 hours two months ago, I was on vacation two weeks ago and I feel great.

I love meat, cheese and eggs. Ohh, and honey, I love honey. I also like veggies, but a nice juicy slab of some red meat once in a while is fantastic. I love to barbeque, I love a medium rare (on the rare side) fillet mignon... I could go on and on.

I grew up in a very carnivorous household. I was brought up eating open faced ham sandwiches with generous slather of butter underneath. My wife, my family and most of my friends are carnivores.

Then, while sitting in the beautiful Mont Rochel vinyard, while sipping red wine and biting down on some prosciutto I asked my wife if she thought I could last as a vegetarian. She laughed at me. I bated her to raise the stakes by throwing in "being vegan for a month"! Now there was a challenge!

I took the bet and the adventure started three days ago - on the 17th. I had so underestimated this cult of veganizm that the entire adventure is become extremly interesting. Last night at dinner a friend suggested I blog my trials and tribulations. I have taken her up on this I hope that it will last longer than a week (I will not be taking any more challanges on).

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