Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still standing

Despite Anne's clever post - and my Wife's arguments - the fact is that I am still VEGAN!

Yes, it was a stupid mistake to buy HONEY tea. I stopped myself from drinking it immediately after i realized it contained honey. Why else would I bring a FULL bottle back to the office?

This is reaching a boiling point - the stupid honey is not allowed in a vegan diet is so stupid in of itself, what is the reason? They process of gathering and creating honey doesn't hurt any animals, it actually helps the environment. Besides, honey is delicious.

Very frustrating.

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PapaLo said...

Missing Meet is a no no for a Vegan, But considering your life long meat consumption..I'll give you about a week and a half to get over the "meat" thing. After that I'm putting a Go Vegan Bumper sticker on your bike and you will embrace the finer things in life such as tofukey and soy cheese!